Jelly Wrestling Girls

This is such a cool place. Been a subscriber for less than a day and I just love the fun I see you women having. So, so refreshing!
Okay, so what IS the stuff being used. You say “jelly” but what kind? Wonder where a person would be able to get a quantity of the stuff. The swimming pool with slippery stuff and one or two fun-loving couples is a personal fantasy, and you’ve just made me more determined to fulfill it. Thank You!



Gorgeously mature and natural Daniella comes to for the first time and introduces herself in beautiful style. With her shy, laid back personality and slim sensual figure she looks great moving around the sofa, reading and tentatively exposing parts of her body to you.
Whether its changing her glasses, running her hands down to her smooth shaved pussy or just reading, its difficult to take your eyes off her!



Nikki is another really interesting and fun girl, not just to be around, but also to watch her keep herself entertained. She’s got a sexy, quirky style about her, and in this shoot with her long black pig tails and red bows you can certainly see that side come out to play.
Starting out Nikki comes across a little bit shy, hiding herself amongst the cushions of the sofa, but as the time passes and she becomes more playful the shyness falls away (along with her clothes!). Eventually she sensually moves and stretches from sofa to floor and from one erotic position to the next in a climactic display of sexiness and confidence.


Raft Building Girls

“THIS SHOOT WAS SO COOL. It was a huge fun filled day and we all learn’t how to make a raft….twice. The girls were all great and the photographers were able to get some really terrific shots of us all. I especially loved the fact that I could wear my new beautiful blue bikini. The day was sunny most of the time but as the shot above shows the photographers did a great job at enhancing the light. I think it especially showed a glow on Marcelle. Everyone looked great. ”